GrupYA !

Let the world know about your awesome
mobile chat group :-)

Wouldn't it be nice to let everyone know and join your awesome whatsapp group ?
Maybe to share your skype business group, privately with your collegues ?
Well,  you have come to the right place !
Whatever mobile chat application you are using (whatsapp,  hangouts and many more .. )
Grupya is the place where everyone can search and join mobile groups.  Start enjoying.

Step 1 :  let's start

  • Go to home page.
  • Press the "publish group" button (on search bar).
  • Enter your login information or register.
  • Now,  let's publish.

Step 2 : publish your group

  • Choose your mobile chat app,  for example :  Whatsapp.
  • Enter group name as it appears on your mobile device.
  • Enter group nickname.  this unique nickname will be the searchable group name on our website.
  • In description field - tell the world,  why your group is so awesome !!
  • Choose all other settings and you are done !

Step 1 : find the group you would like to join

  • Use the search bar to search any group name or content.
  • Would like to see groups only from your country ? (use country list on searchbar).
  • Category search ?  No problem.  (use category list on searchbar)
  • Found group you were looking for ?!  that's Great.  now let's join this group.
  • Small tip :  you may press on group name to see group details and comments.

Step 2 :  How to join ?

  • By pressing on "join" button,  your mobile number will be sent to group owner.
  • Once group's owner approves your request,  you will receive an email with his mobile phone number (depends on group's owner settings).  You now both (or only group's owner) can add each other to the chat group on mobile device.
  • Sometimes,  while pressing on "join" button,  mobile number of group's owner will apear (depends on group's owner settings),  if so,  you can simply add his mobile number to contacts list on your mobile device and send him a direct message.
  • If you would like to get more information from group's owner :  press on "ask owner" button.

You have done it !

Welcome to your new group

  • Now, it's about time to let everyone know.
  • Simply share it :  email,  google,  facebook ... and more.